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Luna UAV System
More than 1300 mission flights in the Balkans and in Afghanistan

LUNA is an all-weather, easy to operate unmanned air vehicle (UAV) system for real-time surveillance, reconnaissance and target location at ranges exceeding 65 km with an endurance of more than 3 hours. The LUNA system is in service with the German Army since March 2000 and is successfully performing reconnaissance missions in Kosovo, Macedonia and Afghanistan under severe weather conditions and in difficult terrain. LUNA is a cost effective and reliable solution for military and for civilian applications.
As the system is strongly supported by automated processes, the handling of the LUNA system is easy and does not require personnel with aeronautical skills. Full crew training is accomplished within a few weeks. Still the performance of LUNA is superior to that of many conventional reconnaissance and surveillance drone systems. All system components can be transported in and operated from small vehicles or portable shelters by a small crew, allowing rapid deployment by medium transport helicopters.
Taking advantage of the rapid technical progress in sensor equipment, the modular payload concept of LUNA will allow the user to always stay at the cutting edge of technology .